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Our experienced dentists provide patients in East Brunswick and surrounding New Jersey communities with a number of different general dental procedures to correct many common dental issues.

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Many professional dental offices offer tooth extractions as an integral part of their services. At Trinity Dental Services East Brunswick, we ensure that every tooth extraction is done with care so as to prevent infection and minimize any pain afterward. In addition, we only use instruments that are cleaned according to industry standards.

Extraction of a tooth is a simple but significant process. A dentist will numb the area prior to beginning this process. As well as applying a numbing gel, an anesthetic is also injected into the surrounding gums. Afterward, the tooth is loosened with an instrument called an elevator after the area has been properly numbed. A dentist will then use water to ensure there is no debris in the socket after the tooth is removed using forceps. Once the socket has been packed with gauze or stitched, if the extraction was more difficult, it will be closed with stitches.

Wisdom Teeth ExtractionAffordable East Brunswick Dental Services

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in a normal adult mouth. They erupt at the back corners of the upper and lower jaws. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems; most often, this is because the teeth erupt too close to existing permanent teeth, causing crowding, improper bites, and other problems.

If wisdom teeth are not removed despite causing problems, they can sometimes become impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can be extremely painful, as well as harmful to your oral health. Symptoms include severe discomfort, inflammation, and infection.

In order to avoid future serious problems, many people need their wisdom teeth extracted. Generally, the absence of four wisdom teeth does not interfere with one’s ability to bite, speak, or eat properly.

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